Ashley Thalman photography


Mo Amer at Edmonton Alberta airport by Ashley Thalman Photography

It was an October Monday in the quiet Edmonton airport where I met Mo. It was a chanced meeting and, like foreordained companions, we passed through TSA, through the sad terminal architecture, through the heavy-handed duty free gift shop- as a pair.

Taking cues from time and place, we chose a corner where the light was right, a place to talk and share. In that place we were seen and we saw each other. The truth is that Mo blessed me by being seen and showing up like he did. Connection, kindness, consideration, and fantastic light is all around us. And Mo, he’s experienced, artistic, deep, and funny. It has been so amazing in the last year and a half to see and watch Mo’s light and depth shine in a world that needs his voice, needs his generosity and humor.

THOUGHTS // Reality of Love

Snapped these a few weekends ago after completing Javi’s professional headshots. Seeing a friend in love is a magic I will always follow and want to capture and know more about. Natty and Javi met on a day where he, riding his bicycle, wasn’t planning to turn right. They met in a place that if she’d left just a minute earlier, she would have missed him. But what could have happened, didn’t happen. What happened is that reality that brought them together, and reality got it right.

FAMILY AT HOME // The Sanford Family

Colby and Alicia live a life of intention and artful trust that I deeply admire. This is our second time collaborating to make portraits of their family. This time Faye greeted me by name. She’s grown. We all have, but most obvious is her growth. She answered a question of, “Faye, what kind of cheese do you like?” with “SWISS!”. Her parents erupted in laughter and so did I.

We didn’t spend nearly as much time at the Sanford home as last year, opting to visit nearby Rock Canyon Park- exploding with the happy subtle fall colors often found in Colby’s home-centric painted celebrations of home and family relationships. The weather was brisk, the colors rich, and the sky was perfectly overcast (my preferred climate for photo session days).

This session Alicia wore a stunning red linen two-piece dress that she sewed and an abstract pattern crop. Colby’s knit cap and Faye’s cardigan are also Alicia’s creations. It is so easy to join Colby in seeing Faye and Alicia as generous muses.

See Colby’s prolific and moving painting HERE