PUBLISHED // Distance of the Moon

The benefit of collaborations are that they bloom and steady the players, benefitting subjects, creatives and the goals of the individual artists that contribute to that collaboration. Matthew Peterson (my partner in life and love) and I created these images in support of Sackerson’s latest original work, “Distance of the Moon”. “Distance of the Moon” is an adaptation of Italo Calvino’s captivating short story about a long-ago time when the moon was close, pulled the earth’s tide water treasures to its skin and attracted the most eccentric characters to its scaly surface. The original short story was adapted and creatively interpreted for Sackerson’s stage by the brilliant Morag Shepherd. Directed by Dave Mortensen.

Playing at Wasatch Theater Company through December 22nd

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PUBLISHED // Artist Interview, San Diego Voyager

I am so honored to have been interviewed by SD Voyager’s Artist series. Local Utah photographer, Claire Marika Buys recommended me to the magazine for this interview. The interview process was a very helpful and timely opportunity for me as a photographer and artist. This has been an incredible year for me both personally and professionally. 2018 marks my 10th year working as a professional photographer. This seemingly short and eventful decade has made me lucky, stretched, wrong, confident, unsure, naive, expanded, focused, and deepened. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone- but it is for me.

I have a deep appreciation for my clients and our relationships, both private and commercial, who have supported my work through the years. I wanted my interview to feel celebratory and grateful- because I am.

“I can’t help but feel love and admiration for each of my clients. For me, adoration means that I do not betray a client’s unique singularity with pre-chosen poses or expectations of what our time together will produce. What a real lucky joy this profession is! To sit (and crouch and run and bend and climb) in the front row of life for an hour or two with other humans always leaves me inspired by their greatness and that makes me so so lucky. Photography matters.”

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