Ashley Thalman by Lindsey Stewart Photography


“Ashley will find your soul. Her images are stunning because she creates space for vulnerability, and photographs you as you are. This is not for everyone, but it should be. You will not be void of wrinkles or cellulite or rolls, but you will recognize that they are part of you and that you should love who you are, where you are.”- Errin Julkunen-Pedersen

I see you, for you. By providing a portrait experience that values the candid over the contrived, connection over concoction I create images that document and celebrate the truth. I am not interested in creating photos that use you as a prop with dispensable parts. I will not betray you like that.

With more than 10 years of professional experience I have learned to co-create comfortable, empowering, and permissive environments for, and with my clients. This collaborative approach allows me to document my clients and the people they love most, as they are.

Whether our session takes place in your home surrounded by family, in a wide desert that calls you home, or in my studio filled with your favorite music and foods, I promise an experience that honors the entire and perfect you.

I prefer my food clean, my art unsettling, my travel with cactus, and my weekends filled family, friends, nature, and rest. I make my home in Ogden, Utah with my partner Matthew and our four kids (two his, two mine-all ours).

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