Ashley Thalman

Every day I ask myself some form of this question: “Do I want to live the safe version or the self love version?” When I hear the voices, as energy come through me I ask, “Is that my fear or my intuition?” When I choose safe/fear it helps me fit in real nice with scripts and prescriptions. When I chose self-love/intuition I go beneath the mess, above the ego and I remember that this life I’m living is energetic and that not knowing invites creativity and expression.

I’m inhabiting a never before and never again form and that makes me worthy of risk and worth of belonging.

Self love comes from honoring and exploring what we’ve always been keeping under wraps. Do I want to continue carrying the constipated consequences of what I haven’t had the guts to face or do I want to explore and learn by being the real and entire me?

This portrait was created by the endlessly talented Lindsay Stewart.