THOUGHTS // Birthing a Bio

I updated my website bio this weekend. It’s hard to write your own bio, even for someone who loves writing...especially in first person. Each word is a magnet and mirror, a focused signal aimed to connect.

It takes a strong community and heaps of bravery to aim right. The new economy recognizes our interconnectivity, our community, our inspiration, and empowered singularity. I have grown attuned enough to niche these last few months and I could not have done it without my people. I’m filling this post with tags to the ones who have directly and indirectly helped me find my words.

To @lindseystewartphotography who made this beautiful portrait of me and many others for myself and my brand. My @mattpetersonphotography match, wise and wild who liked my Bumble bio just fine. @heybefab for welcoming me to a weird and wonderful new town, @angel4ogden who is keeping it great, @myyeslife for the support and showing up. @darcybenincosa with wisdom and vitamin water and her site reviews that push me hard.

@incrediblejulk for her work and kindness and for essentially writing it with the help of her shape-giving testimonial, for @awakeandbreathe for telling me with tears, and to our @hellorachelswan for the introduction. Thank you @segostrega for tarot and wisdom.

@madelinebeeton for saying and doing the thing, @mandystyled for gathering and shining (and my hair) For @lindsayjill12 for singing kindness, for @mrsupdike for sisterhood unsung, for @stephawkes standing so confident and spontaneous, @mirandaprtr for knowing without words. For @_lavenderkitchen and new friendship. For @aandcosalonspa for support and great skin. And to Mette Harrison for illustrating how much it means to have them know you before you show up.

And lastly and firstly, to my daughters, I’m doing this for us.