THOUGHTS // Bio Before, Bio After

All through March I watched D’Arcy Benincosa’s site reviews. Each review was so sharp, each one exposed the fact that so often we are not willing to go deep and actually distill what it is we offer as photographers. While D’Arcy and I do not share the same professional aims, but we share the need to do what we do, and to do it well. Each review revealed something new and true that I wanted to implement. I need my site visitors to clearly know what I do and why I do it.

Inspiration is found in the doing, the work begets the work and the answers to what we are working on. On April 20th and 21st I hosted a portrait event at Ultraviolet Studios. I photographed 6 women just as I always wanted, just as they deserved. I photographed them with the care and intention that I want to be seen and loved with, that I am so often and luck to be loved like. Matthew and I painted backdrops, I purchased pretty fabrics, a little stool, I rented a new fancy-ass camera and I invited them in. I spread food, I saged, I set intentions, I surveyed myself and my clients, I cleaned, I played music and I welcomed them in.

Throughout the process of preparing, planning, executing, editing, and sharing my results I found what I was looking for. I saw my work reflected to me in the most honest and heart-centered conditions.

When I’m with a client, I want them to feel good. I want the experience to be memorable. That means I have to prepare them for what I do, and what I don’t. I will support them, affirm them, straighten them and see them but I am not going to photoshop them to plastic. That alone means that I exclude a large population of clients who need photos and that defines success. What we don’t and won’t and can’t do is just as important as what we do and can do.

I dread being for everyone but I fear being for no one. That’s some real shit. I hate the idea that what I want to share isn’t going to be received, or that it can’t find its audience and that’s why it’s critical to show who we really are as artists. We need to practice the siren call to summon the ones who want what we have to share.

I liked how succinct my previous bio was. It reminded me of well, everyone else. It was on par. But I’m explorative, not succinct and take it or leave it I want clients to be prepared. My newest bio signals what I offer and I’m so relieved that I found the words and attitude and encouragements I needed to write it.

For posterity I've saved the before-


For more than a decade Ashley Thalman has worked behind the lens in collaboration with both commercial clients and family clients to create timeless, truthful images.

Naturally comfortable and confident, Ashley is also an informative and careful professional, whose fun-loving and flexible humor enable her to preserve the stories of your family, home-space and relationships so you can treasure the image heirlooms for years to come.

Please email or call with feedback, questions, project ideas, or collaborative partnership inquiries.


“Ashley will find your soul. Her images are stunning because she creates space for vulnerability, and photographs you as you are. This is not for everyone, but it should be. You will not be void of wrinkles or cellulite or rolls, but you will recognize that they are part of you and that you should love who you are, where you are.”- Errin Julkunen-Pedersen

I see you, for you. By providing a portrait experience that values the candid over the contrived, connection over concoction I create images that document and celebrate the truth. I am not interested in creating photos that use you as a prop with dispensable parts. I will not betray you like that.

With more than 10 years of professional experience I have learned to co-create comfortable, empowering, and permissive environments fo, and with my clients. This collaborative approach sets my clients at ease inviting me to document their lives and the lives of those they love most, as they are.

Whether our session takes place in your home surrounded by family, in a wide desert that calls you home, or in my studio filled with your favorite music and foods I promise an experience that honors the entire and perfect you.

I make my home in Ogden, Utah with my greatest inspirations; my partner Matthew and our four kids. In 2019 my Matthew and I opened Ultraviolet Studios, a production and event studio space. I prefer my food clean, my art unsettling, my travel with cactus, and my weekends filled family, friends, nature, and rest.