THOUGHTS // Things I Want to Share 7/11/2019

The way summer came so gently makes these 100 temps welcome.

I got to walk around Ogden with Audrey Christensen today and it was so nice. She is so fully colorful and kind and strong.

I wonder if I’m dong right by my kids.

I love my friends. My children love Gygi’s children and this week they had a bicycle, Riverwoods adventure together- without parents.

I have clean carpet and that feels important and I love the way the room looks with all the furniture moved out.

We drink Stump water now and the intention of doing it this way makes me so happy.

Brian Eno’s “For All Mankind” album is streaming on NPR and it’s lovely.

Watching Matthew’s Backdrop Workshop attendees learn yesterday. We play but I wish I were a painter. Maybe I am, yet.

This little musical prodigy makes me believe in messages that come encoded in children to save the world. Her talent and power had my jaw on the ground last night. Watch HERE.

Shawna is here helping Jody move and it’s so fun to be together. I became a little attached to Jody’s old house and the kids and I felt sad telling that place good bye.

I am gearing up for a weekend of shooting women for Sundance Seen and I feel so grateful.

I got to check bees with McKay before sunrise on Wednesday. I feel so much reverence for bees, honey, wax, the land. My work is so good, I love doing it.

I am meeting Keira Shae Schultz at Rawtopia tonight to show her the portraits I took of her last month.

Matthew made me a great salad last night while I worked late and that’s a gift. I love people serving me food, it’s a deep love language.