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Priscilla Bingham

Priscilla Bingham, Photographed by Ashley Thalman

I remember the first time I saw a photograph of Priscilla Bingham. The photo was a perfectly toned black and white image taken on Priscilla’s wedding day by my friend Kiera. I wanted to know her and talk to her. I called her in.

Over the years the concentric circles of life, interests, and the collective evolution of the women in my life who feel the charge of, “It’s time” circumstance drew Priscilla into my life.

Priscilla Bingham is deeply creative. Her work as a Kundalini Yoga instructor and student, jewelry alchemist, sound medication and conscious eating guide provide an invitation for slow, deliberate and powerful healing.

I have been lucky to have a friendship of sharing insights, discussing the need for deepening morality, shared movement, conscious parenthood, and of course, and above all, the art with which all of these tender things need to be handled. I learn so much from Priscilla. She has helped empower me with tools to be a better, more free version of myself; from white tantric and golden milk to the energetic power behind chanting and laughter this woman has a mission and to know her uncommon outlook is to know power.

Priscilla has heard the call to rise and share her voice, her experiences, her humor and her strength with the world and I am so lucky to support her, witness her and feel the power of her immense artistry and compassion as it is shared with the world.

Portraits taken on at the shore of Seattle’s Lake Washington.

Dee Frayne -My Yes Life // Production Headshots

Dr Dee Frayne photographed at Ultraviolet Studios by Ashley Thalman

I met Dr Dee Frayne of My Yes Life at Audrey Christensen's Be Fab Launch event this January hosted at my space, Ultraviolet Studios. Dee’s fun-loving, magnetic, no-bullshit personality was immediately evident. As I’ve gotten to know Dee these last few weeks, it is clear that Dee shows up. She shows up for herself and others, for community action, improvement and the betterment of herself and her community. Dee shows up for self-love. Like all inspiring humans, Dee takes her short time on life seriously and she has structured her professional career around confronting and accepting powerful truths.

Dee and I worked together to create an updated headshot collection that complemented her hope-bringing, hard-working brand. We wanted to create images that highlighted her steady confidence, positive grounded demeanor, invitation for movement, and the competent professionalism needed to coach people to the higher-ground of self love.

I’ve been sitting on these images for a few weeks now while Dee’s latest publication went live. National publications often require images and copy that are entirely unique and never before seen. So we waited. Last week her article, “The Yes Addiction” was picked up by 50 publications including the Boston Herald. It is so inspiring to see women do huge things, share compelling, life-changing ideas. Thank you for trusting me to see you and support you in this next phase of your professional bad-assery, Dee.