Ashley Thalman observes, documents, and preserves the story of women, family, home, creative living, and childhood. With 10+ years experience, Ashley collaborates with private and commercial clients to create timeless, truthful images. Ashley's fine-tuned professionalism, easy connection, and fun-loving humor enable her to capture the singularity of her subjects in a comfortable, memorable way.

Ashley is available for world-wide travel and makes her home in Ogden, Utah with her two children and partner Matthew.

For pricing and booking inquires please see our “CONNECT” page and Ashley will be in contact soon!


Your Light International- Board Member, Volunteer

Bringing professional photography for Utah families who do not have access to the art and cultural preservation of family and individual portraiture. Ashley will serve on the board of directors for the 2018 calendar year to expand the mission and services of Your Light International

The Fern Foundation- Volunteer, Photographer

Serving the ex-FLDS and FLDS communities on the Utah-Arizona border towns known as Short Creek.

Vertical Beauty Project- Volunteer, Photographer

The Vertical Beauty Project provides professional photo sessions and makeovers to women with Spinal Cord Injuries.